“Ernest Hemingway talked about a 'gradually then suddenly' world, and I think we are in a ‘gradually then suddenly’ world in terms of sustainability – it’s been bubbling under for a long time.”

– John Elkington

Loop Solutions – Material circularity specialists, part of the eVantage group of companies

eVantage: A South African group of sustainability orientated businesses that are driven by a simple ethos, our earth cannot continue to sustain our rate of resource withdrawal


Focussing on commercial and industrial solar EPC projects. Extensive experience from rural mini-grid to large corporate projects. Flexible PPA’s available.


Energy efficiency is the primary starting point for sustainability. Drivers for enhanced efficiencies including financial, business continuity and carbon neutrality. LED lighting solutions remain the most compelling energy savings solution for most.

Rhino Water

Offering an extensive range of sustainable water solutions. Ranging from sewage treatment solutions, dam liners, water remediation, treatment and filtration, storage and reaction systems.


A distributor of new medical technologies, with the primary focus on introducing proven and certified local and global solutions into our local markets

eVantage Consulting

Utilising the eVantage team of recognised experts across energy efficiency, solar energy & storage, water treatment, niche waste beneficiation & new technologies.

New Technologies

Continuous pursuit of proven sustainability or climate change mitigation technologies and solutions.